Suspense drama Columbo (Universal City Studios LLC). We’ve had each episode of Colombo translated into English. This is because the Japanese titles are just too funny. Suspense drama Columbo. A couple of things I know about DI Colombo.

Original Japanese titleEnglish version of Japanese title
“Prescription: Murder”殺人処方箋Prescription for murder
“Ransom for a Dead Man”死者の身代金Ransom for the dead
“Murder by the Book”構想の死角Blind spots in the conception
“Death Lends a Hand”指輪の爪あとClaw marks on the ring
“Dead Weight”ホリスター将軍のコレクションGeneral Hollister’s collection
“Suitable for Framing”二枚のドガの絵Two Degas paintings
“Lady in Waiting”もう一つの鍵The other key
“Short Fuse”死の方程式Formula of Death
“Blueprint for Murder”パイルD-3の壁Pile D-3 wall
“Etude in Black”黒のエチュードBlack Etude
“The Greenhouse Jungle”悪の温室Greenhouse of Evil
“The Most Crucial Game”アリバイのダイヤルAlibi dialing
“Dagger of the Mind”ロンドンの傘Umbrellas in London
“Requiem for a Falling Star”偶像のレクイエムRequiem for an idol
“A Stitch in Crime”溶ける糸Soluble thread
“The Most Dangerous Match”断たれた音The Sound of Interruption
“Double Shock”二つの顔Two faces
“Lovely but Lethal”毒のある花Poisonous flowers
“Any Old Port in a Storm”別れのワインThe wine of farewell
“Candidate for Crime”野望の果てThe end of ambition
“Double Exposure”意識の下の映像Images beneath the consciousness
“Publish or Perish”第三の終章The third and final chapter
“Mind Over Mayhem”愛情の計算Affection calculation
“Swan Song”白鳥の歌The Swan Song
“A Friend in Deed”権力の墓穴The grave of power
“An Exercise in Fatality”自縛の紐Self-binding cord
“Negative Reaction”逆転の構図Inverted composition
“By Dawn’s Early Light”祝砲の挽歌The minstrelsy of the celebratory gun
“Troubled Waters”歌声の消えた海The sea where the singing voice disappeared
“Playback”ビデオテープの証言Videotape testimonies
“A Deadly State of Mind”5時30分の目撃者Witness at 5.30
“Forgotten Lady”忘れられたスターThe Forgotten Star
“A Case of Immunity”ハッサン・サラーの反逆The rebellion of Hassan Salah
“Identity Crisis”仮面の男The masked man
“A Matter of Honor”闘牛士の栄光The glory of the bullfighters
“Now You See Him”魔術師の幻想The sorcerer’s illusion
“Last Salute to the Commodore”さらば提督Farewell Admiral
“Fade in to Murder”ルーサン警部の犯罪The crimes of Inspector Roussin
“Old Fashioned Murder”黄金のバックルGolden buckle
“The Bye-Bye Sky
High IQ Murder Case”
殺しの序曲Overture to the kill
“Try and Catch Me”死者のメッセージMessages from the dead
“Murder Under Glass”美食の報酬The rewards of gastronomy
“Make Me
a Perfect Murder”
秒読みの殺人Murder by the countdown
“How to Dial a Murder”攻撃命令Order to attack
“The Conspirators”策謀の結末The end of the plot
For example, the title of the drama is Columbo in the American original. But the title as broadcast in Japan is Detective Columbo.

This is all I have purchased and own on DVD.
There is more that was actually broadcast, but that’s all I like.

There are many titles that I think are excellent. I used to think that all titles were Japanese translations. But in fact, many of them have been changed by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) to make them more appealing to viewers. This is all I have purchased and own on DVD.

Conversely, some titles are better in English than others. For example, The Forgotten Lady. This includes both the fact that the character, an actress, has been forgotten by the public and the fact that she is losing her memory. The Japanese title is The Forgotten Star. The title simplifies the story, as it seems to be about an actress who has been forgotten by the public and is fighting for her place in the world.

My personal favourites are “The Bye-Bye Sky
High IQ Murder Case” (“Overture to Murder”) and “The Conspirators” (“The Consequences of Intrigue”).
In “The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case” I tried to show my classmates some of the tricks from the drama and the quizzes that the killer gave.
I also drew an approximate layout of the room by hand.
Then, as an adult, I tried to find “Full’s Irlsh dew” in the liquor section of a department store, but I couldn’t find it.

Apparently I’m not the only Japanese who has looked for this whisky.

tokyo trip 2021.09.07
tokyo trip 2021.09.07





私が個人的に好きなのは”The Bye-Bye Sky
High IQ Murder Case”(「殺しの序曲」)と”The Conspirators”(「策謀の結末」)です。
“The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case”はドラマに出てきたトリックと、犯人が出題したクイズを学校のクラスメートに出題してみたりしました。
そして大人になってから”Full’s Irlsh dew”をデパートのお酒売り場で探したのですが見つかりませんでした。