Apple Arcade FANTASIAN The trick to defeating Lagrange Wind, the trick behind the fight to get Kina and Cheryl back?

東京パン つぶつぶ
東京パン つぶつぶ

When chasing after Lagrange Wind, deliberately miss the attack and charge up so that you can use the solar wind.
Also, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to chase after it, so make sure you have barriers up or items to heal.
I made sure to destroy the red sphere in front of me, though, because I didn’t want him to just run away.
When the Lagrange Wind spreads its arms, hit it with the solar wind.
Then, attack the right or left arm.
Either one is fine.
If you can destroy both arms, the enemy’s attack will be weakened (I was lucky enough to destroy both arms, so the damage was minimal. (I was lucky enough to destroy both of them, so I didn’t take much damage; I didn’t see any damage if there was only one).

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KinaとCherylを取り返す戦いの裏技、Lagrange Wind を倒すコツ?

Lagrange Windを追いかける時にわざと攻撃を外すなどして太陽風を使えるようにチャージしておきます。
Lagrange Windが両腕を広げたら太陽風を打ちます。