Apple Arcade FANTASIAN Leoa returns to the machine world and fights the first boss organizing robot complete attack.

Leoa, the old man and the boy travel to the machine world to help Keena and Charles after the warp machine is repaired.

And they do.

The first thing you’ll encounter from there is the Organize Robot, the big bipedal robot you’ve already defeated in the first part of the game.

Let’s go over the key points of this battle, shall we?

Spoiler alert.
If you don’t want to know what happens next, please don’t read this.



… …

Spoiler alert!


The first one is a repair robot.

Initially, the robot is accompanied by a repair robot, and as soon as you attack it, it starts repairing itself and recovers about 9999 HP.

It’s hopeless, so Leoa and the others try to escape, but only this repair robot is eliminated by a mysterious power.

In fact, the first two repair turns are against you, but this is the prologue, and the real battle begins after that.

This is the prologue.

This is the prologue.

This is the prologue.

This is the prologue.

This is the prologue.


Let’s check out the equipment.

You can use the most powerful weapons and armor available at the time.

However, as you may have found out when you entered the mechanical world, they are vulnerable to electricity.

It’s a setting that seems to short-circuit.

This was also the case when you entered the desert with the Albedo tribe in FF10, where Thunder is a reverse attribute (the basic setting is that it is effective when it hits the opposite of the opponent’s attribute).

So Leoa’s Thunder Slash becomes the mainstay.

Also, the opponent’s HP is as high as the Toy Box boss, so expect a long battle.

Bring potions, ether, and more protein for good luck.

If you talk to the master at the bar in the first town, he’ll give you 10 or 20 of them, so warp in and talk to him.

The problem starts here.

This time, the enemy will periodically accumulate energy in its left and right arms, and on the next turn, it will fire both lasers at you.

This is a general attack.

The right arm attacks Leoa, the old man, and the boy, and the left arm attacks Leoa, the old man, and the boy.

If you get both of them, your party will be wiped out, right?

We were wiped out.

So we have to think of a countermeasure.

Leoa will point out the danger of this attack during the battle, and we should follow her words and take the following measures.

1) When you start the energy charge, both arms of the opponent will face you, and from here, either the right arm, the left arm, or the main body will be able to attack.

(2) The left and right arms have different types of energy charges.

(3) Before the charge starts, the opponent will fire a missile, making the party members vulnerable to some kind of attack.

(4) Look carefully at the right and left arms, there should be one whose color matches the weakened attribute drawn under the party member’s name.

For example, if a missile has been weakened by the earth attribute, a brown color will appear under the party member’s name to indicate that they are now weakened by that attribute.

The arm on the right or left of your opponent will be charged with energy of the same color, so focus on attacking that arm. Leoa will use her normal slash, the old man will use his normal attack, and the boy will use his grenade skill.

Destroy either the left or right arm before your opponent’s next turn. The arm will be resurrected later, but if you have both arms together while they’re still full of energy, you’ll get lasered twice.

This arm will be revived later, but anyway, if you have both arms together while they are full of energy, you will be hit by the laser beam twice, and you will always be weakened against one of the attributes, so avoid the blow and stop the damage to the one that is not weakened.

If you hit them with a laser, they will overheat and become quiet for, what, three turns? They’ll be quiet, and you can use that time to heal your party.

You’ll need a lot of potions and ether here, so be sure to buy them. You can use your potion skills on all the boys, but be flexible depending on the damage.

So it’s best not to use gems for specific attributes.

I went with a jewel that had an anti-thunder attribute, but as soon as I saw it, the opponent didn’t hit me with a thunder laser even once.

If that’s the case, it’s better to wear a gem with HP auto-charge or an upper limit increase.

If you can’t win after all this, use the old man as a shield (terrible).

The boy will reluctantly recover the old man’s HP with the combo of provocation and defense skills, and replenish his MP with ether.

The old man is a very tough guy, so I’m sure he’ll be able to endure this (just think of him as someone else).